I’m Jackie Phillips and I’m a Business Development Consultant, Coach and Mentor.

I am highly experienced in generating growth in Micro and Small Businesses. I work in two ways; I undertake sales and marketing operations within client businesses, and I also work alongside clients, developing business strategies and action plans for them to implement, supported by Coaching and Mentoring. Sometimes it’s a bit of both. I work across lots of different industries, with a particular passion for and depth of knowledge in Speciality Food and Drink. Most of my clients are based in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and the South West. I can help you wherever you are located.

Bringing in an outside Business Consultant or Coach brings both focus and action to your business. I focus on the value I can bring my clients; more customers, more turnover, more profit, or a qualitative value such as less stress, improved company image or more time away from the business.

A Business Graduate, I have an entrepreneurial background having set up and run my own Award-Winning business.


My portfolio includes:

  • Projects where I am leading and generating sales growth on behalf of SMEs in the Local and Speciality Food, Gifting, Leisure and Tourism sectors

  • Supporting business owners with Business Plans for new ventures or business growth

  • Marketing Plans and Marketing Operations for new and existing products and markets

  • Mentoring business owners to develop their skills, reduce stress and improve management performance

  • Export plans and operations

“Jackie has been an invaluable support to our team over the past four years. She brings exceptional empathy, tenacity and people skills and our brand strength is considerably stronger as result.”

Barnes Edwards,
Director at The Garlic Farm

“Jackie quickly grasped the issues we were facing in our business and worked with us to develop action plans to address them. Her knowledge and support have been fundamental to our business growth.”

Sharon Villiers,
Owner of the Hideaway Café

“I work on a project basis, or with a contracted amount of hours per month. I am flexible to the needs of your business. A Project Business Plan is always produced so that both you and I know what we are setting out to achieve, by when, and to what pre-agreed budget.”

Jackie Phillips