Are you consumed by the day to day management of your business and cannot see the wood for the trees? Perhaps you are in the early stages of setting up a new business and realise that the number of areas in which you are expected to be an expert is completely daunting!?

Within Coaching and Mentoring I bring you an outside perspective, fresh energy and enthusiasm, as well as a pathway to strengthen the knowledge and skills that you use to get the best out of your business. I work with Start-up Businesses and existing Small Businesses.

We work together to define the outcomes you want for yourself and for your business. We then work out what needs to be done in Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing and  People Management, to achieve these outcomes. For example, this could be margin improvement, Brand development, an exercise to find new routes to market, understanding and control over company finances, or a new approach in teamworking or recruitment.

As a Coach I help you to develop and implement techniques that you use to strengthen the foundations of your business, to reduce risk and to increase your chances of getting what you want out of your business.

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“Jackie quickly grasped the issues we were facing in our business and worked with us to develop action plans to address them. Her knowledge and support have been fundamental to our business growth, and we felt very trusting in her as a person from the very beginning or our work together. It’s not easy to open up about challenges in your business, but Jackie was hugely empathetic and professional, and we felt very comfortable working with her.”

Sharon Villiers, Owner – The Hideaway Café