Hello, I’m Jackie Phillips, Business Mentor and Performance Coach with over 20 years of strategic and operational experience, including the launch, growth and sale of my own speciality food company.  I’m based in Bath, Somerset and I work with clients both locally and nationally.

As a specialist in SME business growth, I help your business to become and remain as competitive as possible in an ever-changing environment.

I work with you to align your business to your market place and to your values, and to ensure your team are all working with you, sharing a common purpose. A key part of this work is advising businesses on how to align their operations to support people and planet, as well as profit. This is very important to me personally, as well as being an urgent and necessary global shift.

By being clear about your purpose – business and personal –  you will increase your efficiency, profitability, competitive advantage, and enjoyment of your working life.   

How do I bring value to your business?

Alongside your unrivalled knowledge and expertise of your business and sector, I make a difference by prompting, managing and clarifying focus, by developing goals, and building a positive mindset that delivers action across all functions of your business.

We focus in on exactly where the opportunities lie for your business growth or business start-up, and what you and your co directors or partners want personally from the business. We do an external and an internal audit.

We then look at the key functions of your business.  Are they all working as well as they can be and are they working in alignment with your goals and company objectives? Within this we may look at:

Product or service  – is it profitable, competitive and fit for the future?

Operations – where can innovation help you?

Sales, marketing and client engagement – is it reactive or proactive? Do you sell or take orders? Are your brand and marketing communications saying the right thing to the right people?

People – are your team fully engaged? Is everyone working towards an aligned common goal that has shared responsibility? Would better work/life balance improve your productivity? Could we improve goal setting and team work across the business?

Financials – are your financial plans a good match with your strategic plans?

Why work with me?

I started with a business degree and I have followed that with an extensive career working in and for companies in many different sectors, delivering and managing across the business functions, with an emphasis on sales and marketing. I set-up, ran and then sold an Award-Winning online food company during this time, which is crucial in offering relevant experience to you.

I am a trained Performance Coach and I combine coaching with business mentoring to help SME leaders start-up, grow and enjoy their enterprise. Energy, confidence, communication and mindset coaching are a key part of this.  I’m used to working with stakeholders at all levels, from factory to boardroom, and I have a strong understanding and affinity for family businesses.

I’m particularly passionate about businesses that are committed to looking after people, planet and profit, not just the latter!

What do my clients say? see my Portfolio

How does it work?

We start with a 3-month commitment which involves bi-weekly meetings either online or in person.  I document the goals and actions that we identify together and develop a bespoke plan for you, with costed, time bound actions and key returns on your investment.

You will have a clear pathway with the strategy and tools you need.  This is supported with Coaching to empower the performance of you and your team.

For a Free of Charge, no obligation chat please email me on jackie@jackiephillips.co.uk or call me on 07896 559067


“Unlock potential”
“maximise performance”

My portfolio includes:

  • Strategic review, competitive analysis, business growth planning

  • Business coaching to optimise performance across the key business functions; sales and marketing, people management, operations and mastering the financials

  • Team and leadership coaching on goal setting, confidence, imposter syndrome and work life balance

  • Review and implementation of People and Planet Strategies

  • Brand reviews, sales and marketing plans

“Jackie has been an invaluable support to our team over the past four years. She brings exceptional empathy, tenacity and people skills and our brand strength is considerably stronger as result.”

Barnes Edwards,
Director at The Garlic Farm

“When we first started working with Jackie we were stuck in a cycle of overworking, doing too much ‘doing’ and never finding time to plan and develop our business. With Jackie’s support we were able to prioritise and develop a clear plan for our future. We have now expanded our team, developed a clear marketing strategy that fits with our plans and we are attracting more of the work we want rather than being all things to all men. Most importantly we now get some downtime and have a far better quality of life! .”

Becky Taylor,
Director, Heating Company

“I work on a project basis, or with a contracted amount of hours per month. I am flexible to the needs of your business. A Project Business Plan is always produced so that both you and I know what we are setting out to achieve, by when, and to what pre-agreed budget.”

Jackie Phillips