The Client

Scotts Hair Salon. Stylish and modern salon specialising in cutting and colour.

The Brief

Build a Social Media Marketing Plan

The actions

Update the business with a SWOT plan and customer profiles. produce social media marketing plan with objectives, actions and costs with the recommended social media platforms for each of the five customer groups at Scotts

The Results

A clear plan that Charlotte and her staff at Scotts can implement easily and quickly on a day to day basis. A significant increase in the social media conversations taking place.  Greater response to special offers. Improved customer loyalty and higher brand awareness.

What the client says

“We felt that social media was a good fit for our type of business but didn’t know how to get the best out of it. Jackie understood our business needs very quickly and was able to deliver an action plan that is really paying off. I spend less than I did previously onprinted ads and our footfall is increasing.”